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  1. A Chow Chow at work in China
  2. Sweet story about a hearing dog for the deaf
  3. Pet dog saves family from 7-feet cobra
  4. Dibley really is top dog for work with police
  5. Hero lives up to his name
  6. Who Invited the Dog?
  7. News of the Absurd Episode- The Doggy Edition
  8. Teen wrestles dog from python
  9. Dog Warns Minnesota Woman Of House Fire
  10. Agility training turns shy, fearful dog into confident competitor
  11. Dobermann rescues toddler from snake
  12. Rabid pups for sale
  13. Pit Bull mix named Hero Dog
  14. Pets Abandoned in Foreclosed Homes
  15. Music for Dogs??????
  16. "the dog had never been violent before"
  17. Dogs are not always a child's best friend
  18. Three legged dog saves owner from bear attack
  19. Dog Gives Birth to Kitten!!
  20. Super Bowl, not so Super Dog...
  21. Woof! Computer Speaks Dog
  22. Designer Dogadoodles
  23. Dog Park Warning
  24. Don't Forget the ID Tag!
  25. An Amazing Story...
  26. Dog Cloning
  27. Breath Mints Toxic to Dogs
  28. Service Dogs for Autistic Kids
  29. Eco-Friendly Dog
  30. Jack Russell dognapped and given a good grooming
  31. Dog Steals Truck
  32. Lost Dog Story with a Happy Ending!
  33. Another Dog vs. Snake Story
  34. Doggy Disneyland draws animals, owners by the pack
  35. Earth-Friendly Dog Stuff
  36. Lead in Dog Toys
  37. Dog Foster Care
  38. Be Careful Where Your Dog Pees...
  39. Balancing Cavalier
  40. Important Tip for Dog Owners
  41. Welcome Home, Mr. Joe
  42. I Don't Buy It.
  43. War Dogs
  44. I need to get one of these dogs...
  45. Buyer Beware...
  46. Inmate Trains Hearing Dog for Veteran
  47. Snowmobile hits Iditarod musher from Minnesota, kills one dog
  48. The Dog Who Helped A Boy To Speak
  49. Mending a
  50. Free Pit Bull Training Program
  51. Homeless People's Dogs Confiscated in Hawaii
  52. Praying Chihuahua
  53. Interesting Tail Docking Study
  54. A David and Goliath Story...
  55. Dognapping!
  56. Operation Baghdad Pups
  57. A Dog Saves His Owner from Drug Addiction
  58. Paws and Think Program
  59. Okay, I admit it...
  60. Crisis Response Dog
  61. Therapy Dogs for Special-Needs Kids
  62. That's a whole lotta Poodles!!
  63. Um... Oops!
  64. This dog can do math!!
  65. "You just have to teach them right from wrong"
  66. Unlikely Pals
  67. Shelter dog nurses 9 orphaned kittens
  68. pics from the wiener dog races
  69. Common Pet Owner Mistakes
  70. Dog Survives Explosion
  71. Poor Kitties!
  72. I think we can all relate to this...
  73. A new spin on an old trick
  74. Dog Pack Attacks Gator In East Texas
  75. First the kids, now the dogs
  76. Do you like your dog better than your dad?
  77. Good Dogs!!!
  78. Skidboot the Dog
  79. Who's responsible?
  80. Surprise!!
  81. Dog vs. Train?!?
  82. I never thought about this issue...
  83. Fido 2.0
  84. Vets install pacemaker in search-and-rescue dog
  85. Oldest dog in the world??
  86. Acrobatic dog steals the show
  87. Might be time for a career change for this dog...
  88. What's your dog barking at?
  89. Free Dog Cloning Contest!
  90. Canine Pothead
  91. Dog Growls Reveal Size to Human Listeners
  92. Generation Spoiled
  93. Do you know what a wagging tail means?
  94. Toad survives 40 minutes in dog's stomach!
  95. Dog takes on bear
  96. Can a dog live on only $200,000 a year?
  97. Yikes!!
  98. Dog Hero saves 12 year old master
  99. Scary story about a new heartworm medication
  100. Cocoa Mulch
  101. service dog improves disabled boy's life
  102. 15 puppies?!?
  103. What do you think of this???
  104. Fear of Fireworks
  105. Watch out for the weiner dogs!
  106. "pit-bull" mix saves owner's life
  107. dogs that can't swim?
  108. www.PresidentialPup.com
  109. Goat and Dog Arrested!
  110. Stair Training for Dogs
  111. Pooch returns home after 5 years
  112. Saluki gets groundbreaking prosthetic leg
  113. Golden Retriever Nurses White Tiger Cubs!
  114. A dog stays with his owner for 6 weeks after his death...
  115. You think YOU'VE got dog poo problems...
  116. Teenager turns down $1000 reward for finding dog...
  117. For ALL cat lovers:)
  118. Inmates train service dogs for injured vets
  119. Dogs bust inmates using cell phones in crimes
  120. Pit Bull bites owner again
  121. Boxing Dog
  122. Dog protected abandoned newborn
  123. How the Nose Sniffs Danger in the Air
  124. Cock-a-poo guard dog?
  125. Lullaby :)
  126. Fawn and Dog
  127. Another man vs nature
  128. World's oldest dog dies
  129. Lucky Pookie!
  130. Min Pin Nabs Burglar
  131. Dog dials 911
  132. How much chocolate do I need to kill my dog?
  133. Dog saves dog!
  134. No Fair!
  135. Smooth Criminal
  136. Dog-Friendly Mailman
  137. Microchips make for happy endings
  138. Abuse or not??
  139. Another cloned dog...
  140. What to do if your dog gets lost
  142. As if the economy wasn't bad enough...
  143. Where to draw the line on service animals?
  144. Could YOUR dog survive??
  145. The Little Dog That Could
  146. These stories always get me...
  147. Dog follows soldier for 70 miles...
  148. This is so sweet!
  149. Now THIS is love!!