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January 25th, 2013, 02:15 AM
The name is Mike,

I just joined the forums, but I found the website some 3-4 days ago. I was searching for help with house training a new puppy. We adopted a puppy last weekend. And we are not new to pets, but it has been nearly 4 years since we housebroke our oldest dog. We had a dog we might not of had to get rid of had we found this site about spring of last year! We had a terrible Chi/Terrier, which was very tough. We were told she was crate trained when we bought her from a local couple. Then we got her home, and crated her, only to find out, she would go both 1, and 2 in there. Their idea of crating, was to put her in the crate at night, and let her run outside on their farm all day apparently. Either way, we were in a mobile home w/ poor carpets which were soiled when we moved in by the previous owner's pets. And of course the smells made it hard for any new training, we found ourselves constantly stepping in something wet. And we already had a smaller Chi/Shih which was puppy pad trained. The terrier would squat whenever she could go and hide to do it. She would sometimes go on the pad, and she was out of the crate while we were home, except at night. We ended up replacing the carpet with laminate wood planks, which were better, but she still urinated on them. So we decided after years of trying to take her out and her only going when you walked her long distances along with her hyperactivity we couldn't handle her at the time and gave her away to an older gentleman, who said he would train her. And he said she looked like a dog he lost!

So last week we entered a new era. We had talked about getting another dog for protection, since neither our cat we adopted mid summer, or the small dog are protective. Not that we live in a bad area, we just want to feel a little more secure. And when you go to an adoption even you see those puppy eyes you feel sorry, especially when you hear the stories about how they were dumped. We hadn't really discussed much, but we knew we wanted a medium sized dog, and I guess I missed or didn't bother to hear that the wife wanted them to be house trained. So after a few days of cleaning up messes again, and getting no where with taking her out, I found this site!

I printed out much of the material and read it over very closely looking at the puppy material. We had tried the crate training, but she whined, so we let her out, because we couldn't sleep.

I came home one night, and told the wife we were going to start out with the "Umbilical Cord Training" I pointed it out to her on the printouts and we read across it. She was very upset with me, because she was the one losing more sleep she said. I did notice that the puppy (An 8 week old Lab and possibly beagle mix) was sneaking around and peeing on the linoleum in the kitchen, and places where she felt privacy. So, the Umbilical cord training I felt was best. The 1st day, we tried it out with a typical 6 Foot nylon leash. We placed the handle end of the leash under the couch leg, while we sat on the couch, when we moved to another room she went. I caught her squatting in the evening, on some dirty clothes, I quickly corrected her saying NO, and picked her up and out the door. She finished outside! So I held her out a little longer, noticing the "nervous" behavior mentioned in the training information. And sure enough she was able to go #2 also. So now we are in about 3 days, and much happier. We have found it to be very rewarding to get her to do her things. Now if we can just get through the night. The wife is getting upset about getting woke up with squealing to go out.

We have been able to get the crate thing taken care of with one of those sound machines for baby's rooms w/ a heartbeat. I had read somewhere about toys with a heartbeat to help comfort puppies. We turned that on, and covered the crate with a light blanket to block out light. We also tried putting the two dogs together in the crate, we have a larger crate which we used for the terrier/chi mix before, which we find out now, was probably too large so it didn't feel like a den but actually a bathroom and bed.

The smaller dog CHI/SHIH, is not very fond of the new puppy yet, but she is warming up, so too much time in the crate together is not going to happen. We don't do it at night. The wife did read and got the water spray thing to work for the barking. She said it only took one or two squirts and the puppy recognized to stop.

The 1st few days home, the puppy was very sluggish and even didn't each much or take in any water. But now we are up to eating and drinking as she should we believe. Going to get her spayed in a couple weeks, so somethings might change a little. But its very exciting to actually accomplish something which was so tough in the past.

Just wanted to let you all know, and I will probably stick around on the forums posting, and helping and hinting where I can.

Thanks so much to those who have build the articles and shared them for FREE!

March 13th, 2013, 12:18 PM

Sounds like you were off to a good start with your housebreaking program, so I hope things have continued to go well!

Would love to hear an update about how it's going, so stay in touch! :)