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May 1st, 2008, 09:44 PM
Below is a posting from Best Friends Animal Society about a sweet old girl for adoption.

WE ARE LOOKING FOR A FOREVER HOME FOR BRANDY. It is so rewarding to adopt a senior dog. Brandy is very easy to take care of, she is housetrained, good with cats, dogs, people, and loves car rides. She just needs a big cushy bed, short walks, and lots of belly rubs! Everyone loves her and you will too!!!! If interested in meeting her, please contact Kim at 310-798-3460 or kimberly1231@aol.com.


Several weeks ago we rescued this beautiful girl, Brandy from the Baldwin Park Shelter. Her owners turned her in to be euthanized after 15 years!!!! Nice. She was so depressed, she just layed there on the cold concrete floor not knowing what she did wrong or why she was there? She was completely abandoned, and on schedule to die alone. Of course, I couldn't let that happen!! SO, I busted her out of jail! Not sure of her condition, I was suprised to see how sprite she was. As soon as I opened her cage she stood up, wagged her tail, jumped out, and practically dragged me to my car. This girl had a lot of life left in her. After a week long stay at the vet, she had some benign tumors removed, a particularly bad one above her eye, ultrasound, blood work, x-rays, teeth cleaning, and her nails clipped ( they were so... long she could barely walk! Poor girl.) She has a clean bill of health! Her blood work came back perfect, amazing for an old gal! Brandy has been staying with her wonderful foster Mom, Jessica and gets to go to work with her everyday.

She is thriving and happy!!!

As you can imagine, her vet bill is quite high as I expected ($1,574.98). That's with a rescue discount! We are doing this on-line fundraiser to help with the costs.

NO MONEY will be taken until this collection reaches
$1574. Anything is greatly appreciated. Every penny will go to Brent-Air Animal Hospital. If you could also forward this that would be very helpful.

If you can donate to Brandy's care please contact Kim at 310-798-3460 or kimberly1231@aol.com.

Thank you!