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August 11th, 2008, 07:14 PM
Hey Dana and Rebecca,

Remember me!!?? Yogi's eager mom, who wanted poor Yogi potty trained in a week lol. Well, Yogi was fully potty trained at 3.5 months. Holding overnight and for 8.5 hrs while we were at work. Only 2 accidents initially, but he's a neat freak and kept holding since then. He's completely going outdoors in rain or thunder. And this is all from your help. He's trainer was impressed that at such a young age he was housebroken. So thanks so much. :thumbup:
But I'm here with another problem. Not potty training..not sure if you can give some advice.
Yogi is now 5.5 months and he's definately in adolescence. Ever since he turned four months he's been going nuts. Its to the point where I'm frustrated. He plays this "chase me" game, where he runs when u get close or try to hold him. If you ignore him, he nips or nudges you. If you withstand that and keep ignoring he barks until u have no choice but to get after him to be quiet. He LOVES attention, to the point where its sickening. He will do anything for you to run after him alll day. I have lost it a few times and spanked him :(, but my typical punishment is a time out. But he still keeps going at it when he gets the chance.
We take him to puppy school , he barely made it through "puppy" and is now in "beginner". he has a serious case of being distracted and nothing can calm him down in the presence of other dogs. It seems like Im wasting my money (just started beginner) since hes still not able to do a good "stay" or do loose leash walking. Im considering at in-home trainer..is that a good choice for the problems Im going through. It makes sense that he does these distraction classes, but if he cant get it right at home, then how can he even do it in class with 6 other dogs.
I really miss the cute quiet puppy he once was. Im worried I may start disliking him due to his behavior. Im out of ideas of ways of getting him to calm down. The "chase me" game is the worst. I'd really like to hear what you guys have to say.
I remember Dana giving me a few pointers on behavior last time. Im sorry if this is beyond your advise, but I thought I'd take a shot.
Thanks :)

August 11th, 2008, 10:11 PM
Hey! Great to see you back and hear that Yogi is doing so well with his training- you must have really been on top of it to make such a fast result :thumbup: But, it's no surprise that you are going through some other problems. Raising a puppy is a lot of work and if it's not one problem it's usually another :laugh:

I do strongly recommend private lessons if they are within your budget. If you find a good trainer, they may be able to give you just the right advice for Yogi so you can make the changes you need to have more success with him. Do you know anyone in your area who is good? Where do you live- ? Have you been training with or without treats? Sometimes just finding a really tasty treat and training when your pup is hungry can make a huge difference.

Have you started "place training" (where you teach them to stay on their bed)? This is one of the best exercises for puppies with poor attention spans. While Yogi practices controlling himself by staying on his bed, he can still wiggle and look around which is so much easier than sit or down for an active puppy. This might be perfect for gaining a little control at a time without driving each other crazy :laugh:

This is also a great time out (once it's really well trained). If my dog gets too annoying and demanding, I send him to his place and ignore him. Of course, I don't give him treats for it at this point or he would think it was a great idea to annoy me and then get sent to his place :laugh:

There is also another site that you may want to check out- Chaz Hound Forums (http://www.chazhound.com/forums/index.php) This is a dog forum with lots of different topics and very active users. If you post a question to the training forum you will tend to get quite a few responses very quickly and sometimes some really good advice.

August 12th, 2008, 08:21 AM
I agree that private lessons with a good trainer are the way to go. It's important to get somebody good that you feel comfortable working with, so ask your vet and your dog-owning friends for recommendations. Many trainers offer a free evaluation session, so you might want to meet with a few people to see whose approach you feel will work for you and Yogi.

I find that keeping the puppy on leash around the house for a while (ugh) is a big help for breaking the puppy's habit of bouncing away and getting playful when you try to pick him up. You should also be careful about not giving a reaction (talking, yelling, grabbing at him, chasing him) when he does this... he'll find this very amusing.

The "place" command is one of my favorites (thanks, Dana... I learned that one from you a hundred years ago!). I also like teaching the dog to approach you and sit for treats. Giving him something specific to do when he gets to you can help to keep him from coming up with his own creative ideas! Once he's got the idea of sitting, teach him to let you touch his collar, then to let you hold his collar before he gets the treat for sitting. This assures that you'll be able to actually get your hands on him and prevents him from sitting then bouncing away as soon as you reach for him.

Keep us updated on how it goes! And try to resist the temptation to trade him in for a goldfish in the meantime!! :p

August 14th, 2008, 03:46 PM
Thanks Gals !!

I've started looking into trainers already. Yogi is a good guy, he just has lots of energy that he needs to let out when we get home and let him out. It's funny that when we had family over (a teen and a toddler) he was way worse than he is now. I think he was acting out purposely.
He gets neutered in a few weeks which means he qualifies for day camp. I really want to sign him up so that he'll get all that energy out but I've heard too many horror stories. From puppies getting too aggressive or losing all their potty training. But I'm looking into places that monitor their potty habits.
We've had some improvements over this week.:thumbup: At each walk we practice loose leash walking and even if it meant stopping each time he pulled we did it!! He's definately better. "Stay" is still a pain. I get 5 small steps away and he moves. :confused1: Who knows why? He sits, understands "no" and does a down ...well barely lol. But we're getting there.

August 14th, 2008, 04:30 PM
Glad he's doing a little better!

It isn't unusual for the naughtiness level to go up when there are guests over... I think it's the added stimulation of new, exciting people combined with the fact that owners usually don't want to correct the puppy in front of guests, so the dog learns that when other people are around, he can go buck wild without having to worry about the consequences!

Let us know how he does once you start training/daycare with him!

August 14th, 2008, 08:00 PM
I think day care may be a great idea- get some of that energy out. I've seen some of the problems that can come from day care, but I've also seen good results. I think the potty issue you bring up is really important as is monitoring the play/aggression.

A lot of doggy day cares let the dogs get way to aggressive and this creates a lot of problem. I would make sure that the dogs are closely monitored and corrected for overly aggressive "play". The difference between rough play and aggression can be really hard to see but the good day cares train their employees and make sure that the play stays nice for everyone. If it seems like a free for all and the employees never intervene in the squabbles, I would not send my dog there. Letting dogs work it out on their own can lead to real dog fights which isn't fun for anyone and it can ruin the fun for the more sensitive dogs, even if they won't fight back.