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October 15th, 2008, 07:17 AM
I have a 4 1/2 year old male Toy Chihuahua who is Indoor (litter Box) trained. I just got a 4 month old male toy chihuahua puppy who i have been indoor training as well. I bought the puppy his own litter box and he uses both his and my older dog's box to do his business. (both boxes are in the same room next to each other and its the only place i can keep them) The problem is my older dog has now sometimes started doing his business on the carpet near his box instead of in it if there is puppy waste in it. How can i get the puppy to go just in his box or get them to share a box happily?

October 16th, 2008, 05:16 PM
Hmmm... this is a tricky one. Step one, which I imagine you're already on top of, is keeping the boxes as clean as possible. I don't think it's practical to try to teach them to use separate boxes, though larger boxes might be helpful if you can fit them in the space... I think a little more space for your older dog to use will make the puppy's poos a little less offensive and allow him to feel he has the space to go in the box without coming in contact with somebody else's deposit.

Be sure to clean the carpet where the accidents have been with odor neutralizer so your dog won't be drawn back to the spot by the scent.

If possible, praising your older dog when he goes in the box and correcting him when he attempts to have an accident outside the box would be helpful... sounds like the poor guy is just a little thrown off his game! Worst case scenario, you may need to do supervision and confinement with him as if you're housebreaking him from scratch.

Get back to us with more details if you're still having problems...

October 17th, 2008, 05:48 AM
Thanks for your suggestions....i had been keeping the boxes clean and fresh....i started supervising my older guy when he goes to the bathroom and praising him when he uses the box and that seems to be helping.....i was cleaning the accidents with the enzyme cleaner so he doesn't seem to want to go back to the same spot...hopefully my supervision and praise will get him back on track and in the swing of things again:) I have one more question: My little one has the litter box thing down...when he's confined to the " litter box room" he uses it to go but when i confine him to his crate at night to sleep he still has accidents in there as well...i have made only enough space in the crate for his bed and we don't feed him about 2 hours before bedtime and make sure he goes before we put him down to bed yet he still has accidents and then wakes us up whining and crying covered in pee and/or poo:( Do you think he is doing this for attention because he doesn't want to be alone at night? Any suggestions?:confused1:

October 17th, 2008, 08:16 AM
Be sure to read our article about dogs who have accidents in their crates (http://www.thehousebreakingbible.com/training/crate-accidents.htm)... you should find lots of helpful info there to help you resolve the problem.

Generally, this isn't related to the dog trying to get attention at night... I suspect he genuinely needs to go!

I'd take up food and water at least 3 hours before bedtime and assess whether you might be leaving him in the crate for too long overnight. Often my clients tell me they put the puppy to bed at 9 and expect him to sleep until 7, which is just too long for a young puppy.

Also, you should be sure that he doesn't nap all evening... often, puppies do that, then they're energetic and ready to rock and roll in the middle of the night!

Since you're training him to use a litter box, another easy option would be to have him in a larger crate overnight and put his bed and a litter box in there so he has the option of going potty in the right place at night.