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October 18th, 2008, 01:48 PM
Good afternoon. Wilson is a 9 week old tcup Shih Tzu we brought home just Monday. He is most adorable. These first few days and NIGHTS have been interesting to say the least. He is so tiny but has a big attitude and heart. I found your website on Tuesday and wish that I had done my homework prior to just bringing him home. According to what I have read, I have already made several mistakes! We are paper training Wilson due to his age/size and the fact that he has only had one round of vaccines at this time and has appt. with vet on Wednesday of next week.
He is doing well in his confinement area and using the pad however we haven't been so successful in the "supervised" time. We take him to the pad very often and when he starts to have accidents however he has only "finished" twice on the pad and 99.9% of the time just walks off quickly. I know he is young but just wish to make certain we are on the right track. He wishes to be alone and away from you and is constantly trying to run off and out of sight. He is a sensitive guy! I tried the no w/a clap of my hands and even though he doesn't coward or cry I felt it was too startling to let him go once we get him there. Any beginners advice on this?

October 19th, 2008, 09:42 AM
Welcome to the forum! :biggrin:

I'm glad to hear you're finding some helpful advice here and making some changes to Wilson's housebreaking program. It sounds to me like you need to tighten up on the supervision to prevent accidents. Once the puppy starts to have an accident, it's often hard to get them to finish up right away in the right place, as you've noticed. What I'd suggest to help you get some accident-free days under your belt is doing the puppy airlift (http://www.thehousebreakingbible.com/training/puppy-airlift.htm) and/or umbilical cord training (http://www.thehousebreakingbible.com/training/umbilical-cord-training.htm) methods. This will prevent the little guy from taking off through the house and going potty in the wrong place.

If the hand clap startles him too much, grabbing him and hustling him over to his potty area is a better option. Especially with a brand new puppy who has no idea what he's supposed to do, you don't want to overcorrect him, so I'd take it easy and focus more on preventing him from having the opportunity to make mistakes.

October 19th, 2008, 11:49 PM
Are you planning on using the pads long term or just until he gets all his shots? If you want him to end up on the grass, you might get him a sod box instead to make the transition easier once he's done with his shots. Another tip for an active puppy- put his potty area inside a box with sides. When it's time to potty, put him in and let him wander in there til he goes. Then you can pick him up out of there. This helps a lot with the wanderer to keep them on the pads or in the litter box. Of course, don't just drop him in there and leave- watch him and praise him for going. I found this the best technique when I litter box trained a young yorkie- she would wake me in the night, I would let her out of her crate and into the litter box by my bed and we'd both be back asleep in a couple minutes :biggrin: It should also help after an accident that you catch- it will give him some time to wander and remember what he was doing before you startled him. Good Luck!

October 20th, 2008, 08:48 AM
Wilson has slept through the night for the past two now in his confinement area. That makes this woman who needs her sleep very happy:thumbup:. His confinement area and potty area are one in the same. :confused1:Is this alright? We use a baby gate to confine when he can't be supervised. We will be using the pads long term. It isn't convenient to get out of our house and to a grassy area. Our home is a 3 story and not friendly to a "half-pint". We also have a 10 yr old golden retriever who takes care of the property. They haven't "officially" been introduced yet. Meeting scheduled after we are vaccine clear. Which brings me :confused1:Will he learn to "go potty" wherever the pad is? I know we must teach him the command but when we take him away from the home wondered how this will affect him. I have read the section on how tricky it is to get them to go outside once pad trained! We will look into the sod area as suggested however want that again confuse him and basically we start over? Okay, that's enough for now. Have a great day. Thanks for the support.