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November 3rd, 2008, 09:22 AM
2 questions about our little comedian - Pugzy.
Pugzy is a 2 month old puppy, mom is pure pug, dad is Yorkie and Maltese.
1. She is pretty good at peeing on the pee pad with 75% success rate, however, not the poo poo. She prefers to go to a corner away from the crowd and do it there. She often misses the pee pad. When we know what she is about to do and place her on the pad just in time, she'll stop and not do it, only a second later to do it somewhere else.

What approach do you recommend we take?

2. Pugzy sleeps and eats in my daughter's room, we have placed couple of pee pads in there, one in the washroom and one near where her food is.
Our house is 2 levels and we bring her downstairs to the kitchen and the living room area to play therefore we also placed some pee pads around which she uses often. My question is: Is this confusing to Pugzy having several designated areas to pee or poo in the house? Do we need to confine her to one room where everything is and not to give her a choice?
Your thoughts and insight is much appreciated :)
Thanks so much in advance.................Anet

November 7th, 2008, 06:54 PM
Hi Anet,

Sorry for the slow response- I've been swamped this week and Rebecca has family in town. I think you are asking the right question about so many pee pads. Most dogs that are given so many potty options never really learn to hold it and find the right place to potty. Less freedom and a more defined potty area (maybe one on each floor) should help your training in the long term, though it may be more restrictive in the short term. Start with this article which talks about setting up a confinement area for indoor potty training:


Since Pugzy is having accidents off the edge of her papers, you might consider adding edges to keep her more on the papers. You can lay the papers in a low edged box or get a litter box especially for puppies. I would not switch to litter right away, though, just put the papers in the litter box so she doesn't get confused.

Let us know how it is going!