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February 1st, 2008, 10:06 PM

Friday, February 1, 2008 - Web posted at 6:34:09 GMT

Dog mom, kitten mystery explained

A DOG that left residents of Windhoek's Havana informal settlement speechless after it seemingly did the impossible - give birth to a kitten - is actually quite normal.

Dr Minty Soni, a veterinarian at the Rhino Park Veterinary Clinic, yesterday said what had happened to Silas Isaacs' nameless bitch on Tuesday morning could probably be explained in one word - pseudopregnancy.

This emerged when The Namibian yesterday accompanied Isaacs to the Rhino Park Veterinary Clinic to seek an expert opinion on the incident.

"It's quite a common clinical phenomenon," Dr Soni said of pseudopregnancy, something she said happened not only with animals, but also with humans.

Also known as a false pregnancy, pseudopregnancy, according to the medical book, 'Small Animal and Internal Medicine', is when a female that was not pregnant exhibits maternal behaviour and even lactation.

The subject may show many signs and symptoms associated with pregnancy, and can display symptoms of the condition in every way except for foetal presence.

It is considered to be normal, the medical text states.

Soni suggested that as Isaacs's dog might have shown these strong maternal instincts, it would not be uncommon for her to have sought out the offspring of another animal and claimed it as her own.

"You see it often in dogs.

They'll take care of rabbits, pigs, whatever is close," she said.

Soni also suggested that the kitten could not have been born on Tuesday.

She estimated that the animal was already at least 12 to 13 days old.

The vet found that the animal was still healthy, although she said drinking from a dog was "not ideal".

Isaacs approached The Namibian on Tuesday after receiving a call from his family at home.

When he arrived there, they told him that his dog, which had displayed signs of being pregnant, had given birth to a kitten.

While nobody actually saw the birth, family members said they had discovered Isaacs's dog on the floor where she'd been lying, bleeding, and with a newly born kitten under her paw.

What's more, the little one was suckling on the dog.

Community members appealed to Isaacs to have the cat burned to death, but he refused.

He said he would rather wait and see what it would develop into.

While the information from Dr Soni might have helped explain what happened, Isaacs says the drama he had been through was too much for him.

Yesterday he gave both the dog and kitten away to new owners.

"My name is dirty now.

People are calling me crazy, they're calling me day and night to find out what happened.

I don't want them near me any more," he said.