View Full Version : One year old Cockapoo issues

March 1st, 2010, 10:13 AM

First issue (the big one!): My 1 year old (and a few months) Cockapoo has decided that it is ok to pee on the carpet at my boyfriend's house. She has complete access to the outdoors and uses it a majority of the time. But sometime during the night or right after we wake up in the morning (and we're not around to see it), she will pee on the carpet. Is she doing this to defy the situation? If so, how do we help her change that behavior (the dog and my boyfriend get along so it's not hatred) because we might be moving in to his house soon. Is it because she still smells a few dogs from years ago (although the carpets have been cleaned countless times since then)? Is there another reason?

Second issue: This cockapoo sleeps the entire time we are at work and then needs a good walk and such before we go to bed. Yet, she continues to play at night. Any suggestions (other than getting another dog or taking her to daycare...we do that a few times a week) as to how to keep her awake more during the day?

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

March 2nd, 2010, 09:37 PM
Hi, Jessica...

It isn't unusual for dogs to have accidents when they're away from home. Typically, this starts because you assume that she's housebroken, so you just give her run of the house in the new location before she gets what the rules are and where she's supposed to go. This can be made worse by smells left by other dogs (which can linger even after the carpet has been cleaned) or a new surface (a different kind of flooring or carpeting) that she can mistake for a potty zone.

I'd clean the area well with pet odor neutralizer, feed her her meals in the area where she's having accidents (you'll just need to do this for a few weeks or so) and supervise and confine her as if you were housebreaking her from scratch so you can break the habit she's gotten into and reward her for going in the right place.

Keeping her more active in the daytime can be tough, but some dogs respond well to toys that keep their brains busy... do an online search for "interactive toys for dogs" and you should find some good ones to try.

You should also be sure you don't let her nap in the evenings... even dogs that are left alone all day still usually try to snooze in the evenings, then they're ready for action at bedtime.

I hope this helps! :)