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September 13th, 2010, 11:13 AM
Hi Rebecca & Dana!!!!

I have tried many things for our Dachshund mix! She 8-9 months old. She is SOOO sweet when out of her crate but here is the thing...

When we first got her we had gotten a wire crate for her. She enjoyed it. She would lay in it for naps and did decent when we left her alone during the day. Then over time she has grown to hate her crate! When we left her for even a small amount of time she started moving the crate a few feet across the laundry room floor and she started salivating all over herself. Sometimes we even came home and it would just be dripping from her mouth and her sitting in a puddle of her own slobber!! Not fun to clean up and does not smell great!

So my vet said try the Kong with peanut butter -- didnt help, we tried medicine to make her tired but that last for 12 hrs! I didnt want her like that all day if it was for a short period that we were gone. I have tried calming music. I heard at one time someone had the same problem with their dog and they found out it was claustrophobia so we tried gates and put her in the bathroom with her pee pad and she started chewing on molding...so we thought maybe some separation anxiety along with the claustrophobia.

I figured since she was getting slobber everywhere that we would try and plastic crate fully enclosed thinking she may like that because she is a major cuddle dog (and the enclosed crate keeps slobber more contained). So I put blankets in there for a few days. She did well. No slobber and we had moved the crate into the bathroom so just in case she got out. Well she chewed all her blankets up into pieces I was figuring out so I took those out and the slobber started up again!!! We put rubber toys in there with raw hide and she ignores those. I am afraid the poor thing is going to stress herself out. And if we leave her out she finds stuff to chew on like bedroom curtains and shoes....LOL...trust me we have tried!

We do have a cat and got her a few months after our dachshund and they get along very well and the slobbering issue started before the cat, so it is not the cat.

PLEASE ANY SUGGESTIONS?!?! I hate leaving her knowing she is clawing and slobbering all over herself.

Also --- we live on the 3rd floor of an apt so we are doing pee pads. She does well, no accidents anywhere else BUT she tends to miss a lot more than I would like, so we go through A LOT of toilet paper. Yes I know she is long being a Dachshund and there will be that occasional "oops miss". I am wondering if it is because in the beginning we still gave her a treat for making it to the general area of the pee pad in the bathroom or if she is being stubborn and just not going on it? What are our options here?

Thanks in advance!!!


September 19th, 2010, 08:42 PM
Sorry for the delayed response... I hope you saw the post telling everyone I was on vacation!

There's lots of info you might find helpful in our crate acclimation article, but in a case where the dog is showing physical symptoms of stress from being in the crate, I'd recommend hiring a trainer to come in and help. Another option would be talking to your vet about an anti-anxiety med like Clomicalm... it's not a tranquilizer, so won't have the effect of making her sleepy.

As far as the pad issue goes, I suspect it does have something to do with you rewarding her early on for just making it to the general area of the pads... she's actually doing exactly what you trained her to do. Oops! The best solution for dogs who miss the papers is often to put the pads in a tray with a low edge (I like using a replacement tray for a wire crate... they come in different sizes and are easy to find online). This can help her to see the difference between the pad area and the floor area.

Other things that help are being sure the pads are kept as clean as possible and being sure to clean up the floor area around the pads regularly with pet odor neutralizer to be sure that she's not drawn back to the area by the smell.

Keep us updated on how she's doing!! :)

September 20th, 2010, 10:30 AM
Thanks Rebecca! I will keep everything in mind. We have tried a medicine before but it last 12 hrs and makes her sleepy and not herself at all!! I have found a bed that is supposed to be washable and indestructible by a guy in NC. Hopefully things improve over time.

September 22nd, 2010, 04:29 PM
Rebecca -

I have been keeping the pee pads as clean as possible in both bathrooms. Well Georgia is still missing (in the main bathroom we trained in) so I have come to the conclusion she misses because that is how we trained her. The other bathroom she normally never has problems - misses more on accident there. I am hoping once we move into a new place and she learns where her new pee pad area is she wont miss! I will continue to update though!

September 22nd, 2010, 06:15 PM
Yeah, it sounds like she's just genuinely confused! The move may help... I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!! :)

October 15th, 2010, 07:34 PM
Rebecca -

Ok so we purchased and installed the "indestructible" bed for little Georgia's crate. It took me 2 hours to install the thing because there was a certain way to tie everything! After all that, the next day I was excited to test out the new bed! We left her for 4 hours and she chewed through it and clawed through it. I think her anxiety was so high she had thrown up a little too. Sorry that may be a little too much info...

We are still having problems with her slobbering everywhere. I am wondering if I should try crating her a little while I am at home. Currently I am not working and she is out ALL the time - basically 24/7 unless we leave to go somewhere. Should I start from square one? She is almost 10 months old...dachshund...and I know they are harder to train and are stubborn.

Thanks in advance again!

October 16th, 2010, 08:25 AM
I'd definitely start from square one using the methods in our crate acclimation article. Having her spend some short periods in the crate when you're at home is a good idea, but, if she's really having stress issues, you might start out by not even closing the crate at first... just feed her her meals in there, leave her toys/treats/chews in there, etc.

For serious stress issues, hiring a trainer is still best, since there may be some confidence-building exercises that would help with her anxiety. A trainer will also be able to help you determine if there's a need to talk to your vet about her anxiety.

Good luck! :)