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September 30th, 2010, 03:11 PM
Hello Rebecca or Dana-

I have a question specific to my current home situation regarding crate training my puppy. Currently i am unemployed and somewhat looking for a job, but first priority is getting my puppy acclimated to her surroundings. One of them is crate training.

Yesterday was her first day home with me and she slept most of the time in the kitchen on the floor when she wasn't eating or playing. In the evening when my boyfriend and I were getting ready for bed, I took her outside for her last potty before going in the crate. Putting her in the crate is easy, she isn't scared of it all, she will go in there voluntarily just when wondering around the house, but when we lock it she immediately starts to whine. Last night was exhausting and i concluded today that she is a "faker" according to your articles. Which is fine, i know now how to handle her at night now.

But during the day since I am home all day and can watch her, when she takes a nap, should i put her in her crate? or should i let her sleep in the kitchen where she prefers?

I tried to put her in her crate this afternoon when she was sleeping and after about 30 seconds or so she started whining / crying. I had the crate covered and a fan on for distraction.
What should I do?
Should I have let her whine? or should I let her be until it is time for bed?

Eventually she will be left along during the day in a crate while we are gone at work...I just don't want her to be in shock when that day comes that I won't be home all day for her.

Thank you,

October 5th, 2010, 06:28 PM
Hi, Erin...

I think it makes sense to put the puppy in her crate at times during the day to get her used to the fact that she needs to be in there during the day sometimes, not just at night. I'm assuming you've followed the directions in our crate acclimation article... if not, check it out in the "training" section of our website.

If her whining isn't too crazy, I'd ignore it, but if she's really rocking and rolling and getting herself all worked up, you can use the methods in our article about teaching your dog not to bark in the crate. To be fair to the puppy, you should only do that if you've acclimated her to the crate properly.

Be sure she has some exercise and activity prior to putting her into the crate... they tend to settle in better if they're not all amped up.

Keep us updated on how she's doing! :)