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November 29th, 2010, 06:20 PM

Georgia (a dachshund mix) is almost a year old and currently we have her on Puppy Chow. Someone suggested we switch her to chicken and rice or a lamb and rice based food. Can you suggest some foods for her? It has to be something that is a good price and that can be easily found. We have a Costco card and will soon have a Sams club card. I heard Kirkland brand is good but where we are moving there isnt a close Costco that's why we are getting a Sams club card.

Thanks in advance!!!

November 30th, 2010, 11:13 PM
This will probably sound like sacrilege to all the dog pros out there, but I'm not super-picky about dog foods. I think there are plenty of good foods out there and you just want to find something your dog seems to do well on. If she's doing well (no digestive issues, skin issues, etc.) on her current puppy food, I'd try to find an adult food with the same primary ingredients.

I have several clients who use food from Costco with good results and I imagine Sam's Club probably has something of similar quality.

That being said, my food of choice is Nutro Natural Choice Chicken and Oatmeal. You can find it at just about any pet store... it's not the cheapest food around, but since a Doxie won't eat too much, a bag should last a good looong time! :)

Whatever you decide to use, be sure to buy it while you still have some puppy food left so you can mix the new food in gradually... a sudden change can lead to digestive issues.