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October 21st, 2011, 07:08 AM

I am new to the site at a friend's recommendation. My husband and I adopted a Plott Hound mix (we think maybe Lab and/or possibly some Pit Bull) two weeks ago tomorrow. She is believed to be about 7mos., though the vet thinks she could also be as old as 1.5yrs because she has tartar :(. We never had a dog before so we've been reading up on housebreaking methods.

She had worms, fleas, and some sort of nasal discharge and was treated for all. She has the last dose of dewormer to take next week. Because she was on meds, I started to keep a log to keep track of when she was going.

Aside from the first night and a couple of accidents the first few days during the day, she's never had accidents in her crate over night.

The first few days were a mess, but mid-week and up until 2 days ago there was a pattern: pee in the morning, breakfast, poop after 1hrs and 25mins, lunch around noon, poop after approx. 1hrs and 25mins or so, pee around 6:15 pm, dinner around 7:30pm, poop after approx 1hrs and 15mins, then last pee around 10:30 or 11pm. We were feeding her 3x/day because she was underweight. But as of yesterday, we switched to 2x/day so she can get used to it for when I get back to work. Plus, she's put on some weight and is quite strong now...

Then 2 days ago, she peed at 6:15 and we went for a little walk and she pooped at 6:30ish. However, she didn't poop after dinner despite various trips outside. Then yesterday, she pee/pood in the morning when I took her out (note she never peed/pooped in the same trip at the same time). She didn't go after breakfast. She peed around 4pm and then again around 6:15 and pooped again around 6:30pm. Again, she didn't poop after dinner, but peed twice before bed. This morning, she peed/pooped first thing in the morning.

Is this normal? And how do I get her into a more normal schedule. When I go back to work she needs to go in the morning, hopefully after breakfast and then after dinner, since she'll be home alone most of the day except for a dog walker around mid-day.

Also, are dogs supposed to eliminate after each meal? And, if I'm bringing her back in everytime she doesn't go within 2-5mins, then when I am exercising her?

I'd appreciate some advice/feedback because I am getting frustrated and I want to be able to go out with some peace of mind.



October 26th, 2011, 02:24 PM
Sounds like things are going pretty well overall, which is great for a new rescue dog! If I'm understanding your post, it sounds like she isn't having accidents, just kind of an inconsistent schedule... is that right?

Dogs don't always go after each meal... some dogs eat twice a day and poo 6 times a day, others eat twice a day and poo only once. I think you're on the right track by keeping a schedule... over time, you should start to be able to figure out what her patterns are. As long as she's not having accidents, I wouldn't worry a bit... but I would still stay vigilant about her schedule and supervision.

Just try to keep her feeding schedule as consistent as possible, don't change her food or give her anything that might upset her tummy and, if necessary, limit her water prior to any times she'll need to be on her own for long periods of time (with your vet's approval, of course).

Any time she has a successful potty trip (pee or poo), you can take her for a walk or play with her so she gets plenty of exercise.

Feel free to check in with any more questions!:)