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Thread: English bulldog question.

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    My friend has a 1 year old english bulldog. They are having trouble with one of the wrinkles on his face. It is very red and irratated. They have been putting vaseline on it for the past couple of days and it hasnt been working. The vet told them not to put powder on it because it is too close to his eyes. I didn't know if anyone has an english bulldog and has any tips for their wrinkles. Thanks in advance. Heidi

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    Have her ask her vet if she can use Burrow's Solution in the fold... it's made from Domeboro powder, an astringent product you get at the drug store.

    AMAZING stuff for wet, oozy skin problems like icky folds and hot spots. It keeps the area dry, which helps a lot with this kind of problem.
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    Tell your friend to share pictures of the infected area and tell your friend to clean the folds of bulldog skin after each meal.

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