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    Seems dogs are being kidnapped more than ever... one of my client's little dogs was stolen when she left her in the car with the window cracked in a parking garage recently. She was left alone for a short time, but long enough for someone to snatch her. Fortunately, this one had a happy ending... she got her dog back after a couple of scary weeks.

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    Thanks for that informative article!Extra vigilance over our beloved dogs is important nowadays.While it's obviously essential to be vigilant about our pooch, I hate the fact that we can't trust people to just leave our dogs alone if we tie them up outside a coffee shop for a few minutes.Dog napping really seems to be the one crime on the increase as yearly crime rates drop across the country.Some say the scary trend is the result of economic stagnation. This may not be true, as reported by others.Well,I believe that stealing and trading dogs isn't a good idea at all!It's a felony.Source article:Are dognappings yet another sign of uncertain financial times

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