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Thread: Bed Placement using the confinement method?

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    Default Bed Placement using the confinement method?

    If I am using the confinement method to housebreak my dog for indoor potty training obviously at first her sleep area will be next to the bathroom area.
    As I expand the confinement area, do I keep the sleep area next to the bathroom area, or do i/can I move it further from the bathroom area?

    The reason I ask, is even with the confinement area training I still would like to use a crate as the dogs sleep area to get her accustomed to the crate for travel, if I have guest, and as a well defined sleep area. I am not sure I want her crate next to her bathroom area long term though as I would like the bathroom as far from me as possible and the crate in my living quarters so even if she is crated she is still around people.

    Can I put a crate in the confinement area with a door open? Can I then put her in the crate at night with the door closed, and then when I get up every two or three hours just put on the bathroom area 2 feet away? Or is trying to do a crate in the confined area confusing and I should just put the crate where I want it, do the crate method, and carry her to the bathroom area as assigned in the crate method?

    Thanks in advance for the help.
    Sorry for the long winded question(s).

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    Generally, you want to keep the bed as far away from the potty area as possible in the confinement area. At first, it may be right up against the potty area, since leaving open space in between can lead to missing the potty pad, but as you expand the area, I'd scoot the bed to the far side away from the pads.

    If your pup likes the crate, it's fine to have it in the confinement area with the door propped open. I wouldn't close her in the crate inside the confinement area, though... if you want to do partial crate training with her, better to have the crate outside of the confinement area. If she'll be permanently pad trained, you can just take her to the pads as needed when you get her out of the crate. If you hope to eventually train her to go outside only or to do part indoor, part outdoor training, you can take her to her outdoor potty area instead.

    Hope that answers your question!
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