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    Hi all! It's been a while since I've visited -- Lucy just turned 1! She's been very good with potty training, but we recently ran into a problem when we visited a friends' apartment!

    At home, Lucy currently uses a combination of wee-wee pads and outdoor pottying, and will probably continue to have that combo option for the rest of her life. She's good about pottying when we get outside, but she knows she's also allowed to use her pads when we're indoors. This works well for my work schedule, etc.

    However, we recently visited a friends' apartment, and Lucy had an accident in their house! I'm guessing it's because she expected a wee-wee pad to be there, and didn't feel the need to cry/bark to go outside, since she knows that indoor pottying is usually an option, too.

    Any advice would be appreciated!

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    Hi There! Glad to hear Lucy is doing mostly well.

    It sounds like you've properly identified the source of Lucy's recent mistake - she thinks she can potty inside. When you go somewhere new and there is no pad, she still looks for someplace to go that might be a good substitute.

    I think you have two choices when visiting - either put a pad in an area where you are sure she will use it, or supervise her closely and take her out frequently. If the visits will be frequent, it may be worth investing some time in more training to teach her to tell you when there is no pad.

    You can teach her to bark or signal in other ways that she needs help finding a potty area. But, if 99% of the time you are at home, you may not be willing to invest tons of time in training you will almost never need.

    What do you think?

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    thanks very much for the advice! i tried supervising lucy more closely on our most recent visit. she didn't have an accident -- we went out every 30 minutes!

    unfortunately bringing a pad with me on my visits isn't an option... the pup that we go visit (for indoor playdates) loves to chomp on pads, and his owner isn't a fan. i will definitely keep supervising her closely, but i would love to do also some training to get her to alert me when she has to go. how would you recommend i do it?

    thanks again!!

    [quote=Dana;2119]Hi There! Glad to hear Lucy is doing mostly well.

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    Glad to hear you had an accident-free visit!

    To teach Lucy to indicate that she needs to go outside, check out our article on teaching your dog to bark to go out or this thread on bell training.
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