hi all, it's been a long time, but it's good to be back! i wish i were here just to say "hi," but alas it is with a new housebreaking concern.

see, lucy (my 1+ year old westie) and i have just moved to a new apartment in philadelphia. lucy has done well, all things considered, with the move -- has not had an accident in the apartment yet, has not freaked out, etc -- but we are having a small problem i was hoping you could help with.

lucy has traditionally used a combination of wee-wee pads and outdoor pottying depending on when im able to walk her. this new apartment is all carpeted, though, so i had to put the wee-wee pad in a wee-wee pad "tray" in order to prevent any overspill. lucy does still use the wee-wee pad, but less frequently now -- it is clear she does not love the "tray," and uses it only when she's about to explode. now, this does have some negative implications -- i.e. when im taking her for a walk, she's so close to exploding (without my realizing it) that she has ended up peeing in the elevator. i've started holding her in my arms until we get outside, but i think that's masking the REAL problem -- why she's avoiding her wee-wee pads!!

i don't think i'll ever have the luxury of being able to walk her enough times in the day for her bladder to be happy without wee-wee pads, so i'd really like to address the situation. any insight you can provide will be much appreciated

thank you,