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    So we have coined a new term, Piss and Play. It is when Molly the new puppy is playing with our 3 year old. Sometime in the middle of playing she squats to jump and in the spot she jumped from is a little puddle of pee. It does not happen a lot but it has happened a couple of times. We take her out frequently, and she is better about going out. Any suggestions?

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    Ha! Piss and Play... we'll have to write an article about that one!

    I suspect you're seeing some submissive/excited urination, which is involuntary and usually not a big deal... just read our article on the topic so you don't do anything to make the problem worse.

    Another remote possibility is that there might be a little bladder infection that's causing random little tinkles... if you think that might be the case, speak to your vet about it.
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    i have notplayed htat game yet.. how is it? karla

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