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Thread: Hi from me and the pack!

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    Default Hi from me and the pack!

    Hi, my name is Li. I would like to first introduce our dogs. Baby is a 7 lb. Yorkie/Shitzu mix (my best friend), Scoober is Baby's son from one of her two litters sired by Romeo, a Pomeranian and our newest addition is Gizmo Chi Chi Wawa. Gizmo is 10 weeks old and the son of Scoober, grandson of Baby. His mother is a Chihuaha mix and his face looks more like a pretty long haired Chihuaha than Pomeranian or Yorkie. Considering his mixes, he's very good looking and may end up a gorgeous adult! Of course I have attached pics of them. The dog with the long blond hair is Baby's son from her first litter. We kept him also. Sadly, at 5 years old we lost him due to a long illness.

    Gizmo is in the process of being house broken. He loves going outside for walks with Baby along, too. This has really just started so I guess I shouldn't get too upset when after walking for a half hour he comes in to the house to do his pees and poops! And that's why I'm here on this site. I hope to get some good ideas. Thanks
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    Hi Li and welcome to the forum! What a great looking bunch of little cuties you have There is a lot of information throughout the site that should help you get little Gizmo Chi Chi Wawa on the right track with his housetraining. The first thing I would consider is trying out the puppy airlift for a few days and only putting Gizmo down when on a walk outside. This will help to prevent any accidents in the house. For such a young guy, it may not take too many days of only peeing on the grass to get the right idea. Of course, that technique will only work if you are home a lot to carry him around. Please let me know if that isn't the case.

    When you are not home (or sleeping) are you crating him? If not, are you doing anything to prevent accidents or is he running loose with the rest of the pack? Do your dogs have access to the yard or are all potty breaks on walks? If you give me more details, I may be better able to direct you towards the right methods for you. Good Luck!

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    Default Hi Dana

    Thanks for taking time to welcome us!
    Only Baby and Gizmo live with me. We are in an apartment but I can tie the dogs out. I tried the "Airlift" with Gizmo first but he wanted down and fought to get there, so I tried using the "umbilical cord" technique which was better but Gizmo would squat where he was instead of finding his papers. He's pretty good at using his papers and usually doesn't make mistakes around the house (I don't think) with his pees.
    I find he'd rather poop where I can't find it, although he is not consistently bad about that either. I find poops on his papers a lot. At night things are great. He sleeps in bed with me and some nights he'll wake up and I take him out immediately then we both go back to bed. Other nights, Gizmo will sleep the WHOLE night and have a huge pee when he gets up in the morning. Never a mistake on the bed. I'm lucky with this for sure!!!
    I think he's just confused because he's a baby but will come around to using the grass more and more. I'm beginning to think I just need patience and to be consistent with bringing him out whether he pees outside or waits to go until he comes back in. It gets discouraging, though. Some days he pretty good, other days it feels like I'm back to square one. I'm not sure how long it should take for him to catch on and I want to know if I've got a housebreaking problem sooner than later. I want to nip any problems in the bud, if possible. Do you think he might like using the papers too much? Should I remove the papers and just keep putting him outside every two hours? Is that a chance that is safe to take at this point or will I just have a great big puppy mess on my hands....and my floors? Thanks so much for the time. Also, I'll be trying out ideas as I come across them here. We also have other training issues of course, as with any puppy so I'll definitely be around.

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    Hi, Li...

    Sorry for the delayed response to your post... I've been on vacation and I'm just now getting back to the world of housebreaking!

    I'm not clear on whether you intend to use the papers long term or have him go outside only. I'll assume you're planning for outside only and advise you based on that... if I'm wrong, let me know! I'd recommend eliminating the papers completely, since keeping them can cause confusion. The umbilical cord/puppy airlift should work well for you, especially if you find that Gizmo likes to poo in areas where you can't find it... he shouldn't have the opportunity to do that. NO unsupervised time in the house! At least if he attempts to have an accident when he's on the umbilical cord, you can stop him right away and get him out to finish up... much better than him having an accident you don't catch.

    Every two hours for a potty trip probably isn't enough for such a young puppy. I'd make trips outside more frequent for a while and follow this rule to teach him to go potty right away when you go outside.

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