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  1. Stella is such a babe

    Well just a quick update, the housebreaking is working beautifully, my adorable little pup is doing everything she should and not much she shouldn't. After a few nights of 3 and 5 am wake up calls...
  2. out into the cold we go

    Hi Rebecca, thanks so much for your clear reply, so I guess we will drag our sorry butts out of bed at 4 am in the morning into the snow for our pee time LOL. The back yard is just such a long way...
  3. housebreaking during the the cold snowy night brrrr

    Hi, I am bringing my puppy home on Saturday, she is an 8 week old miniture bull terrier and it is 7 years since I had a puppy. I love your site and would like to follow the housebreaking rules for...
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