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    I think it would be nice if we could have many pictures or even a slide show of our dogs and families on our profile page

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    That's a good idea... Dana, is it possible?

    If not, maybe we can each start a thread in "Shoot Your Dog" that we can update regularly with pics...
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    OK- my research indicates that the most recent upgrade lets us have photo albums in our user profiles So, now all those emails in my inbox reminding me to upgrade the forum seem so much more urgent. I'll see if I can move that up the priority list and make it happen this weekend!

    Thanks for the push- there are so many things these forums are capable of, but sometimes it takes hours to implement the changes and get all the settings right. All the pictures posted recently encourage me to put the time in on this- it's so fun to put a face to the name, as Tamara said earlier

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    Well, we did it. And right away Tamara got her pictures posted It's really nice seeing more of Giada and Summer. I also added albums of Marco and Ruby. I need to take more pics of Zep and organize the one I have and then I'll create an album for him too.

    To see the pics, click on the author's name in any post she wrote and you will get a little pop up window. Choose "public profile" and the entire profile will come up, including photo albums as long as the user made those albums public. There is also an option to make them invite only so you may need to make a friend request if anyone out there is shy

    Posting your albums seemed really easy to me, but on images that were really big on my computer it just said "failed". So, I still had to resize the images and save them on my machine before I could upload them. Still, this was a pretty easy way to get those albums up

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