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    Hello, my 4 and a half year old Shih-Tzu has a very sensitive stomach. Her first 3 years, she had Gastroentitis once a year that required antibiotice. Last year she had a severe bout with lots of diahhrea that required her to spend 2 nights in an animal hospital because she was shaking and badly dehydrated. In the last 6 months, she has had 3 additional bouts of diahhrea, the latest is ongoing. For the previous two - the Vet prescribed her an oral antibiotic that we gave her for 9 days. It helped. THe diahhrea usually went away after 2-3 days.

    We try to give her healthy steamed chicken and rice for 2 days or so after she gets the gastroentitis to speeed up the healing. We know to wait for 12+ hours before feeding her again after getting diahhrea and to keep lots of water out and fresh.

    It seems to me my Delilah has chronic stomach issues - similar to many humans - where she gets diahhrea or (to a far lesser extent) will vomit. We DO give her on occasion cheese or other non-healthy human food and we know we need to stop that. We give her lots of treats for good behavior. Could that be an issue? Her daily pet food is IAMs prescription diet for sensitive stomachs and before that we used EN prescription diet for sensitive stomachs but she likes IAMs so much more so we switched 1 month ago after using EN for a year. The first 3 years of her life (she is 4.5) we used Science Diet Sensitive stomach. She eats at 9am and 8pm at night. When my wife (a teacher) goes back to work she'll eat at 7am and 8pm.

    Instead of taking her to the Vet every time she is sick (we don't take her every time but we often do), I want to know if there are other natural at-home suggestions? It causes my wife especially great stress to see Delilah sick. Our new puppy Bella is fine. When we got the new puppy we do believe it caused Delilah a lot of stress (stress colitis?) that cause the 2nd to last batch of diahhrea.

    I was told by a Vet-tech friend of mine to consider adding this product called: "Animal Essentials Plant Enzymes & Probiotics". We'd sprinkle in a little bit of this into the food. Reading reviews on the product, it apparently does wonders for dogs with sensitive stomachs. What are your thoughts on probiotics like this? Thanks!!!

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    Those sensitive tummies can be tough to deal with! Definitely lay off the people food aside from really basic stuff... assuming she does okay with chicken, you can likely use plain boiled chicken or dried chicken treats since they're simple, bland, one ingredient goodies.

    Many of my clients with dogs with tummy trouble use canned pumpkin and white rice mixed in with each meal. It helps, but the pumpkin could stain Miss Delilah's beard, so you may find it's not the best option for her since she has a light colored face. I'm also a fan of a supplement called ProZyme, but the one you mentioned seems to have some enzymes in it along with the probiotics, so you might have that angle covered. The probiotics are definitely a good thing!

    Some dogs stomachs will act up when they're under stress, so minimizing stress as much as possible (not easy with a new puppy in the house!) would be a good idea.
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