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Thread: Where do I put the crate!?

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    Question Where do I put the crate!?


    I'm about to get a 9 week old lab and I want to do it right! I have plenty of time so the process will not be rushed. I bought a crate and am planning on using that to housebreak her, although she will be using a fenced yard to do her bizness. My question is about where the crate goes... This site says to have it in an area with lots of activity (I'm thinking the kitchen) and then to feed her in there. Ok, so that makes sense...but, what about at night? The site also says to have the crate in your bedroom? I get that too. So I guess I am confused about moving the crate. Won't this confuse the puppy if I am moving it around? Also, do you close the door when she is sleeping in the crate in the bedroom? I realize these questions may seem obvious, but I just want to make sure. ANY help would be great, as this seems to be the only stuff I cannot find an answer for.



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    Glad to hear you're doing some planning before puppy comes home... always a good idea! There's not really a "right" answer to this question... crate location usually won't make or break a good housebreaking program. I really like to have the pup in the bedroom overnight (with the crate door closed), then during the day you can either leave the crate there or move it to a more convenient location in the house so you can have easy access to her throughout the day. Some pups do best if they're in the middle of the action, others find it easier to settle down and relax in the crate in a quiet area, so there may be a bit of trial and error to see what works best for your pup.

    Moving the crate typically isn't stressful or confusing for puppies, especially if you start getting her used to it early in training.

    Hope everything goes great with your new little girl... keep me updated!
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    Default so far so good!

    Thanks for the speedy advice! I started with it in the kitchen and she instinctively walked right in and laid down! She goes there willingly and likes to take all her toys/treats in there. Too cute! For night time I just draped a blanket over the crate and left the door open then went to my bedroom and closed the door. She didn't seem to be too lonely! I have two other questions that have sprung up, though. First, is it better to feed her in her crate if she already is comfortable in there? Second, my cat does not exactly like her. Lol. He is mostly curious, but she corners him wanting to play..he then gets defensive and starts to do the hissy swatty thing. I've been supervising it all and separating them when it gets too close, but I am wondering if I should just let them do there thing. Let the cat make her respect him? Also, he is NOT de-clawed. Any thoughts?
    Thanks a ton!
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