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    I had been very successful training my pup to go to the bathroom on pee pads. Since I lived on the 5th floor, going downstairs every time to go potty seemed inconvenient so I had indoor potty trained him. However, the area that he uses to potty stinks up the whole house and since he is older now I feel like training him to hold his pee and go outside is a much odorless solution. Do you have any tips on how to retrain a dog that has been indoor potty trained on pee pads to go outside??

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    This kind of training can be challenging and confusing for a pup, since it involves teaching him that what he was taught was the right thing to do is now the wrong thing to do... but it CAN be done! You should definitely consider whether you want to do complete housebreaking where the pup only goes potty outside or whether you'd like to keep the pads for him to use at times you need to be away from home for long periods or when the weather's bad.

    The best option for retraining your pup is just to follow the instructions in the housebreaking section of the website. I'd suggest a combination of crate training and umbilical cord training, which will allow you to keep your pup from continuing to use the pads when you're doing your training.

    For pups that have never gone potty outside, starting out by taking a potty pad outside to put on the ground can help them to understand what they're out there for. Another good option is to take your pup out with a doggie friend who knows to go potty outside... the untrained dog will often follow the lead of the other dog.

    Good luck... let me know if you have any questions along the way!
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