Hello! I'm the foster mom of Skip, up until recently he was doing a super job in his crate, he'd walk in and hang out for about 4 hours (while I was at work) and then get let out until bed time which was about 8 hours later. He got plenty of walks and play time, and would occasionally hang out in his crate for a few minuted on his own.

For the past week my Mom has been home on vacation so Skip has had no crate time. When my Mom had to run out of the house for a few errands she put him in his crate, and when she returned he had destroyed his crate pad and bent the wires of the crate itself trying to get out. The next day she left again for a few minutes and he destroyed the blankets that were in the crate. Her vacation is up on Monday, and I work full time, so he needs to be cool with his crate. Today I tried starting at square one and re acclimating him to the crate by putting treats inside and rewarding him, but as soon as the crate door closes and I'm out of site he starts crying and trying to dig out.

Should I keep trying to start from square one, and reintroduce the crate like its brand new?