**posted this in General HB talk but would love the trainers' advice, so posting here as well**

Hi all, Lucy's mom here -- it's been about 6 years since I've posted, I remember getting started on this site when I first brought Lucy home as an 8 week old Westie! You taught me so many amazing things, and now I'm back for more advice.

I've moved in with my boyfriend and Lucy is having accidents everywhere. Here's the lay of the land: we're in a new apartment, with two cats, my boyfriend and myself, and LOTS of carpeting. Lucy is the type of girl who potties outside when she's on a walk, but also uses potty pads indoors in between walks when needed. She goes on hours-long romps with her dog walker on weekdays while I'm at work, so she's definitely not lacking exercise, fresh air, or opportunities to potty. She just is used to having the option to go potty on her pads at home, too -- she's never learned to hold it in, which I'm ok with.

What I'm NOT OK with is that she's totally ignoring her potty pads and pottying elsewhere in the house. I think a few things are contributing to this...
1) the cats love to lay on her potty pads, so I'm guessing either their presence on them, or their scent when they're not on them, is deterring her.
2) it's a new apartment so she's trying to get the lay of the land. We moved in about a month ago, so it's taking her a while to understand what's where.
3) she was peeing on the pads in the new place for a while until we decided to use a potty pad TRAY to help prevent overflow... with the introduction of the tray, it's like Lucy's brain short circuited and she stopped going there altogether.

SO! I need help! Do I move the potty pads elsewhere now that the location is forever linked to that scary tray in her mind? Do I put anti-cat spray on the pads (does that even exist??) How do I re-train my little (otherwise angelic) dog before I lose my mind??! Thank you in advance for your advice

PS -- Lucy is not a crate girl. I tried, oh believe me, I tried.