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    I have a 4&1/2 month old Redbone Coonhound. She is a beautiful, affectionate puppy, but we're having a very hard time with housebreaking. During the day we take her out every hour, or at the most, 2 hours (we're retired). She pees every time. But then, sometimes she pees while sleeping on the couch. We now always put something under her. She doesn't get up, so I don't know she's wet until I get her up to go outside. Same thing in the car. She also doesn't mind peeing in her crate. We have tried making it very small, but with no improvement.

    She was just checked for a UTI and is on antibiotics. We were hoping that once that is cleared up, she will improve. But so far, there has been no change. We get up twice over night to take her out, and most of the time she still has accidents.

    We have done everything the vet and online articles have prescribed, so I'm hoping you might have some new insights.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Oh, dear... peeing while asleep, huh? I'm glad to hear you've already had her checked for a UTI, since that would have been my first suggestion. With any luck at all, the antibiotics will help, but in some cases, this is just a matter of waiting for her system to mature a bit so she'll have better control.

    I've used a homeopathic product called "Leaks No More" with great success (you'll find it listed near the bottom of this product page). It's a product I highly recommend, as I've seen it work absolute MIRACLES with sleep incontinence, but since I haven't used it on such a young puppy before, you should clear it with your vet before giving it a shot.

    The other possibility you may need to explore if this continues for much longer is that there may be some other kind of medical issue contributing to her lack of control, but let's just hope it's the UTI and her system just needing a bit more time to mature.

    Another thing to consider is whether she's drinking excessive amounts of water... if she's a big drinker or if she's doing any swimming (which can cause dogs to take in a lot of water and become pee machines!), you may want to talk to your vet about whether you can restrict/schedule her water so she's empty before bedtime and at any other times that you need to crate her for an extended period.

    And, of course, NO corrections for involuntary peeing... the poor gal can't help it!

    Hope that helps... please keep me updated on how she's doing!!
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    Thanks, Rebecca. I'll let you know how it goes.

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