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    Hi there, since last week I have a 12 week old cocka-poo named Cookie. She i very sweet and playful and seems think that my kids are her pack. I am having major issues with house training though. Basically she hardly ever does her business outside, instead she does it in the house or her crate. We take her out into the garden, but all she wants to do is climb the stairs up to the door. The couple times that she went outside were in the morning when I blocked off the bottom step so she couldn't climb on it. This however doesn't always work. Last night I took her on a walk for 30 minutes and then stayed with her outside in the yard for another 30 before putting her in her crate and she didn't pee or poop. Then at 4am she was whimpering so I took her out and she peed outside. This morning however I discovered that she had completely soiled her crate. Granted I am in the process of switching her food and she seems to be having a bit of diarrhea, but I have only started doing that two days ago when the breeder's food started running out (I didn't know what food it was so I couldn't buy it) and she has been soiling her crate before that. How can I make sure that Cookie goes outside and stops soiling the house and crate? It seems like crate training is just not working at all.Would it help to make a small fenced in area in the garden? I would be grateful for any tips.

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    Congrats on the new addition... I love Cockapoos!! Sorry to hear you're having some trouble with her housebreaking, but we should be able to get Miss Cookie on the right track.

    I think you should stick with crate training for now... some pups end up needing to be trained using other methods, but since crate training is generally the fastest, easiest way to get the job done, I think we should give it a little time before considering changing to something else. You should read my article about crate accidents and I'm going to have you do puppy airlift training for at least a couple of days so she doesn't have any opportunities to have accidents on the floor.

    You'll also want to reduce the amount of time you spend outside waiting for her to go, as outlined in Commandment #10. When you're outside with her, having her on a leash will likely help to keep her from fleeing back into the house, but you could also make a little gated area outside for her to use as a potty zone. If you do the gated area, you may have to make it big enough so you can stand in there with her at first... if you're outside the pen, she may just spend the whole time freaking out trying to get to you, but that will improve once she's more comfortable with pottying outside.

    Give the above a shot and let me know how it goes!!
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