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Thread: New doggie frustrations :( need help

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    Hi! I just rescued an 8 month Chiweenie and when I leave him alone he whines and it's heartbreaking. Right now, I'm crate training him so he doesn't pee when we're gone, but I don't know what to do. This is his first week with us and I'm hoping at some point it will stop. Also, I usually go home for lunch to take him out, but then the process starts all over again. Is it better to leave him for the 8 hours or come home for a little bit? I think he's old enough to hold it. I feel he has extreme separation anxiety. He follows me around constantly and won't let me even use the bathroom without whining. I eventually want to let him walk around while we're gone, but I was told crate training for now is best. Will it stop eventually with time?

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    Congrats on the new pup! I wouldn't worry too much about the whining right now... he's probably a bit stressed by the new environment and you may find that the whining settles down once he settles in. I'd just focus on making him comfortable and helping him to understand the rules of his new home... obedience training is a great confidence builder and will help the two of you to communicate better, so I'd get going on some good training ASAP.

    Be sure not to make a big fuss when you leave him or greet him, since we want him to learn it's no big deal when people come and go, just normal daily stuff. You'll also find helpful info in my crate acclimation article.

    With an 8 month old dog in a new home, I think 8 hours straight in the crate during the day is a bit much, so if you're able to come home mid-day, I'd recommend doing it!

    This most likely isn't related to any medical/physical issues, but getting a vet to check him out may be a good idea, since some dogs do get whiny when they're not feeling good.

    Hope things start getting better soon!!
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