** I accidentally posted this in General HB talk, but would love for the two of you to give your opinions on this question **

Hi all, I have a new puppy coming home this week (a baby Belgian Malinois) and I'm so excited to get started training him with Housebreaking Bible's methods! I trained my other dog, Lucy the westie, with the same methods 6.5 years ago and they worked beautifully. There are some things I'm doing differently this time, though, and I need some advice.

I was OK with Lucy using the confinement method, since she was going to be 20 pounds max, I had a full-time job, and didn't mind an indoor potty pad for her whole life. The new puppy, though, will grow to be about 80 pounds and I NEED him to be an outdoor pottier ONLY. Question 1: is it possible to have the puppy never pee in the house / on the potty pads when Lucy does pee on the potty pads? Question 2: if I'm crate training the puppy, and he'll be 7 weeks old -- needing to be let out every 2 hours according to your advice -- what the heck do I do about daytime work hours? I do have a dog walker, but she can't come over every two hours. Alternatively, my work is dog friendly and I can bring him to work, but I'm afraid he's going to be hooting and hollering at such a young age.

Any advice would be SO appreciated -- especially to #2! He's coming home on Friday and by Monday I need to have a solution!