About 4 weeks ago, I rescued a puppy (4 months old, border collie/Aussie? Mix) from the local shelter. I have a small laundry room that I was planning on using for my puppy while I'm gone throughout the day. He was peeing almost everyday. I never punished him, just cleaned it up. He was peeing on blankets and towels I put in there so I started leaving him with nothing. Anyways, after trying for about 3 weeks, I decided that maybe the room was too big and that was the problem. I decided to get a crate for him and crate train him.

I followed online training lessons I had read about. Very quick I realized he had tried to outsmart the system. When I'd put a treat in the back, he'd keep his back legs out and stretch in to grab the treat then run away to eat it. I started to gently shove his butt in and then give him a second treat whien he turned around. I spent about 5 days getting him used to it, then I started putting him in it. During the first 30 minutes I left him in there, he peed on the pad I put in there. I then removed the pad and left him without anything. (He destroyes anything he can too, I'm hoping he outgrows the chewing stage!) Anyways, when I leave him, he gets a kong with frozen wet food, plus plenty of other bones to occupy him. The first day I left him in there, at lunch when I let him out he had not peed at all. The same happened for the afternoon. The 2nd day he was in there, he peed both in the morning and afternoon. He then lays in it and gets all gross! Any ideas for how to get him to not pee in there and how to get him to love his crate?