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    I have a four-month-old boxer puppy and he will NOT stop peeing and pooping in the house! We have a deck and if I put him outside he stays at the door and scratches like mad whining to come in. Sometimes he'll pee on the deck and then dance around in it while he's begging to come in. Half the time he won't even go out the door. I have to carry him outside and down the stairs and physically put him in the yard. Even then he doesn't always go, even after 5-10 minutes. Then when we get back in the house he'll pee or poop all over again. We got home last night, he went out and did both his businesses. I let him out two more times within the following hour, but he still in that hour peed in the house four times and pooped once. And he does it in all different spots. He'll go in the kitchen, the living room, entryway, bedroom (even by his blanket where he sleeps), in front of his crate. No crate accidents in a few weeks now, so that's good. But it's like he's just not getting it. After two months of working with him, praising him when he goes outside, giving him treats, everything we're supposed to do, he just doesn't seem to care or even notice. He'll be playing with the cat and just stop and pee, no sniffing or anything. And he walks in it or has even rolled in it before, which is weird because I thought dogs instinctively avoided urine and feces. If I put him in the crate when we're home he whines and barks and scratches constantly, same as he does if he's outside. I'm not getting a lot of sleep, my carpet and hardwood floors are getting ruined, and I'm about to lose my mind! I don't know what else to do. I have three kids and I can't stop every 5 minutes to carry him outside in sub-freezing weather when he's just going to pee in the house two minutes later. I promise I'm working with him, rewarding him when he does right, etc., but after two months I'm not seeing any progress and it's very unnerving. Other than quitting my job and adopting out my children so I can focus on the dog every second of the day, I don't know what else to do. Please HELP!!!

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    Oh, boy... sounds like your housebreaking is off to a rough start! Although all pups pee and poo a lot, it sounds like your puppy might be going with unusual frequency, so I'd say step one is getting him to the vet to confirm that there are no physical problems contributing to his potty issues. If he's in good health, you might want to consider whether some of the tinkles are submissive urination, which is common in Boxers and would be treated differently from housebreaking accidents... read more about it here.

    I'd recommend eliminating the treats from your housebreaking program... though using treats can sometimes work for housebreaking, more often than not it causes problems. Pups who get treats for going potty often get so excited for the treats that they squeeze out a tiny bit of pee, then say "GIMME!!" without fully emptying out, which can lead to accidents inside shortly after a potty trip. Praise and play after he goes potty would be better!

    It also sounds like your pup may have too much freedom in the house... at this age, he should be crated when alone or unsupervised and you should do umbilical cord training with him when he's with you in the house. If he's fussing in the crate, you may find my article about dogs who bark in the crate helpful.

    Even though you've been working on this for a while, a 4 month old pup is still a baby, so I wouldn't stress out too badly... as his system matures and as you tighten up on his supervision, you should start to see some progress!

    Keep me updated!!
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