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    My husband & I are having a little disagreement about rewarding our dogs. All of our inside dogs are potty trained for outside. We recently installed a dog door and everyone is just about trained and using it. We have always rewarded them after going potty, but since we have a dog door and they can go by themselves, I think the rewards for going potty should stop. My husband says no. What are your thoughts about rewarding a dog after they have been been using the dog door appropriately for at least 2 weeks? Thanks so much!!!!!
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    Interesting question! I'm generally not a fan of using food rewards for potty training... though it sometimes works, it often causes problems with dogs being so anxious to get the treat that they don't fully empty out, then come back into the house and have an accident. Obviously, you guys are some of the lucky ones who had success with treats for housebreaking, though, and I don't like to mess with success! I don't really think you can go wrong here, so I'll suggest something that'll keep the dogs happy and keep the marital harmony going (since it makes you BOTH right about what to do!)... I wouldn't worry about giving the treats every time they go out, which would be tough anyway, since you won't see them every time they use the doggie door. I'd give them treats now and then for a successful potty outside and see how that works. If they've been well housebroken without the doggie door, things should only get better now that they have access to take themselves out whenever they want.

    Hope this helps... keep me updated on how it goes!!
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    Default Thank you!!!!

    We have been pretty lucky with training except with one dog that marks. It did take most of mine a year to be successful and that is probably our fault with giving the treats so often. I still have seen accidents from time to time, but since having the dog door I haven't seen really any. (except for the marker) LOL He is neutered, but we made the mistake of waiting to neuter when he was two. I have found if he wears his Thunder Shirt, he usually doesn't mark. So you know that little joker wears majority of the time. LOL If you don't mind I have left you a new question under "ask the Administrator."

    Thanks so much again!

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