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Thread: Update on my marker, Gizmo

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    Default Update on my marker, Gizmo

    I don't want to be such a bother, but if you
    don't mind, I would like to ask one more question today. Gizmo and I dog door trained one on one today and he is improving!!!! we went out this afternoon and I left him outside to see if he would come back in on his own without me around and he did!!!!! Yaaaah Gizmo!!!! Hoping this boosts his confidence!!! I want to continue using the zip lock flap for awhile but at some point in the distant future I'd like to put up the regular flap. How will I know Gizmo is ready to use the regular flap? Is there a way to keep him from regressing when I put the regular flap back on? I wish I could take off the magnet but it won't come off without tearing it up. We're finally getting there I hope but I want to handle this right so Gizmo has success!!!!

    Thanks so much!!!!

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    Oops... just saw this update after answering your other question! In my other response, I went over how to get him to start pushing the heavier flap, so I hope that will help!!
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