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Thread: Indoor training using confinement during the day and crate at night?

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    Default Indoor training using confinement during the day and crate at night?


    I don't have a puppy yet, but I'm planning on a small breed (probably a chihuahua) and intend to use puppy pads. I plan on creating a confinement area (bed, food and water, puppy pad -- no visible floor) in the bathroom, but would like the puppy to sleep in a crate in my room at night so that he/she can eventually transition to sleeping on the bed. I would use solely crate training, but my work schedule (8-hour shifts) wouldn't allow me to let the puppy out as frequently as it needs. So, I plan to use confinement in the bathroom (where the puppy pad will live permanently), but a crate at night. Is this okay? Are there any foreseeable problems to essentially combining the two methods?

    Thanks for your help!


    EDIT: Nevermind! Found an article suggested just this!
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    Hi, Mike!

    Glad you tracked the info you needed down on the site! I think the nighttime crating and daytime confinement plan is a good one... people are usually pretty happy with the results of that training, since it gives you the best of both worlds.

    Hope all goes well with the pup... good luck!!
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