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Thread: Sand Pit for dog potty??

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    Default Sand Pit for dog potty??

    My husband and I would like to build a sand pit for our dogs business. Save the grass and make clean up simple. I can't find any information if this works, pros, cons, etc.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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    Good question... I haven't had any clients use a sandbox as a potty area, but I imagine it would work. I assume you aren't planning to have a box with a solid bottom, since sanitation might be an issue there... you'd probably need to periodically replace the sand like a kitty litter box, which would be highly impractical!

    I think that as long as the box has proper drainage and you scoop and hose down regularly, it'll work fine.

    If you're starting with a new dog or puppy, acclimating him (or her!) to the potty area should be pretty easy. If the dog has already been going potty all over the yard, the transition to the potty box is going to be much harder, since the dog is used to grass being the potty surface and has gotten in the habit of just going wherever and whenever the mood strikes him outside.

    Either with a new dog or one who's been with you a while, the approach is pretty much the same... follow the basic housebreaking instructions on our site and make sure you take the dog directly out to the sandbox, then let him run freely in the yard as a reward once he's emptied out. Don't let him have extended unsupervised periods in the yard during the training phase, or he'll be going potty all over the place... your best bet is to give him freedom only after he's empty.

    If you have any more questions along the way, let us know... and give us an update on how the sandbox works for you!
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