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    I recently adopted a three year old yorkie. He a very good boy and a perfect fit for our family. Although I consider him mostly house trained, he insists on marking the cabinets and chair legs in the kitchen. He doesn't mark anywhere else in the hose. I'm guessing that he does this because his food and water are in the kitchen and in his previous home he had to compete with some much larger dogs to get to his food. Any suggestions on how to keep our cabinets clean? Is there a spray or product that could discourage this?

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    Hi auntiem,

    First off, welcome to the forum and congratulations on your new dog. It's so nice that you found a rescue that fits your family so well.

    I wish I had an easy trick for you, but there usually aren't any quick fixes for male dogs with a marking habit. Neutering can have a significant impact, though. If your new guy isn't neutered yet, I would recommend it to help with the marking. You can also watch for things that stress him and prevent those things from happening, which will help.

    But, the number one thing you need is a serious, 100% vigilant supervision program so that you can catch every mistake and let him know that marking isn't allowed. I would make sure he is confined enough that he doesn't make mistakes when he is alone, and when you are there, use the umbilical cord technique to keep close track of the little guy at all times. Follow the basic housebreaking program outlined on our site and expect to spend at least a couple of months on this. Since he is new to your house, you have a chance now to change his behavior. If you let him continue on with the marking, it will get harder and harder to fix.

    Please let me know how things are going and if you have any problems. Housetraining is time consuming in the beginning, but you will reap your rewards over the next decade if you get this trained now Good Luck!

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