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Thread: I think I"ve totally confused my pup....

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    Question I think I"ve totally confused my pup....

    Hi Everybody! I am a new owner of a 9 week old Belgian Malinois that I got for Mother's Day. His name is Kayo. I think I've totally confused him cause we are not getting anywhere. I have a large crate and for the first few days I felt bad for working full time (I go home for lunch to feed him and potty) that his bed was on one side and the potty pad was on another which I now know is a BIG no no! I also had potty pads in the kitchen for the accidents that may come along. So since the 3rd day, we have divided the crate so he only has room to stand up, turn around and lay down. He is now constantly going potty in there. I do have a blanket in there as his bed but I go through at least 3 a day. During the night I have my alarm to go off every 2 hours and yet when I get up I must have just missed his "go" time so I find myself cleaning up constantly. I know he is just a baby and I wouldn't be so frustrated if it was just during the day cause I'm gone for 4-5 hours at a time, but at night is killing me. I don't hear him whine at all. I thought dogs weren't supposed to go where they sleep. Everytime I take him out of the crate he goes straight outside, everytime he eats or drinks I take him straight outside (sometimes he doesn't do anything, and as soon as he's inside he'll do his business) and when he wakes up I take him outside. Have I totally confused him!??! Also, how can just a little pup have so much "stuff" in him?!!? It seems like a lot for just a little guy. I'm constantly wiping him down from his mess in the crate cause I can't constantly keep giving him baths. I'm sure it will get better once he gets a little older and can hold his bladder better but with me putting him outside constantly I thought we would have less accidents. I don't know how to correct him when he goes in his crate cause is it really his fault?

    Let me tell you a little about my schedule for you to better understand. We wake up at 5:00 I take him outside but he doesn't have breakfast till about 6:00. I leave it there for about 20 minutes or so then I take it away so between then and 8:00 (when I leave for work) it would have gone through his system and he wouldn't have to go right when he gets inside his crate. I come home for lunch about 12:30-1:00 and again take him straight outside, then feed him lunch. again leave it for about 10-15 minutes, then outside (usually he just pees) then in his crate cause I can't wait any longer for him to do #2. I get home around 5:30 and again outside. I don't feed him dinner till about 6. He has his last drink of water about 8 and we all go to bed around 10. I'm currently doing the transition from Puppy Chow to Royal Canine which I'm sure is where the watery poop is coming from.

    I don't think I left anything out, and I"ve blabbed on long enought. Any suggestions? Is he just too young to get it? Am I giving him too much freedom in the house? I'm so confused.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

    Jennifer & Kayo

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    Hi Jennifer,

    First off, congratulations on your new little malinois. I'm a malinois person too. I have an 11 year male who is the love of my life, and a 2 year old male that is not yet so lovable Do you mind telling me where you got your pup? I'm just curious since I know so many of the breeders.

    Ok, now back to the point. Kayo is just too young to adjust to the routine that you are stuck with. Here is a page with a sample chart of how long you can expect your puppy to hold it as he ages:

    Basically we suggest that Kayo should only be expected to hold it for an hour at a time. Of course, this will vary by puppy and some puppies will hold it much longer, but many of my mals had accidents in their crates when not kept to about this schedule. I don't know if that is typical for the breed, but I do remember Marco being a nightmare as a young puppy. I always suspected that he just didn't care that much if he pottied in his crate, but he is very clean now, so maybe he did just have terrible control. He certainly had terrible impulse control!

    Now, for a solution. I would suggest that you temporarily switch Kayo onto indoor potty training using the confinement area method:

    This is not an ideal situation, because it will make housebreaking harder long term, but at least the little guy won't learn to potty all over himself

    A better option that could work for you is keeping Kayo outside in a safe area where he is allowed to potty. I'm a little reluctant to offer that one up bc Kayo is still so young, but with a safe enough enclosure that could work. Of course, you would have to be really careful that the area is safe. Puppies can overheat very easily (or chill, but at this time of the year that probably isn't a consideration), they can drown in pools or ponds, get eaten by predators, squeeze through tiny holes and escape to outside danger, etc. Here is a page on how to puppy proof your yard so that is is safe:

    Whatever you decide will work, please keep us informed of your progress. This will get easier over time as Kayo develops better control, but it will get easier faster if you get the training on track.

    Good Luck!

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