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    I've had my newly adopted dog for about 3 days, and have just come up with a quandry of epic proportions - or at least it will be to her.

    Because I live in a small apartment, I want to take Violet for frequent walks on the leash. However, once the fall begins and I return to my job as a teacher, I won't be able to walk her extensively in the morning. Instead, I'll need her to know when the leash is for walking and when it's for peeing.

    As I'm housebreaking her, how can I get Violet to distinguish between our leisure walks and quick trips out necessities?

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    I don't think in the first few weeks you need to worry too much about this- I would just be happy if she is peeing outside But, long term this is an important point. Many dogs learn to extend their walks by "holding it". I prefer to teach my dogs that there is a time for pottying and the reward is a fun walk or play sessions. Keep potty trips business- walk her in a small area back in forth or in circles til she goes. When she does go, praise her like crazy and start a fun walk or play session. If she doesn't go, no fun walk.

    Each potty session should last just a few minutes and it will help if you stay in the same area each time. You can also teach a dog that there is a business leash and a pleasure leash. You change the leash and your dog knows it's now time for a fun walk. Whatever you do, try to stay consistent as much as you can. It's great that you are off for the summer- that gives you lots of time to instill good habits now, before you get too busy.

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