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Thread: Lilly won't go without me

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    Default Lilly won't go without me

    Hi - In Dec 2008, I rescued a dog from the pound - vet guessed her to be less than 2 years old. For the first week, I took her outside every 1/2 hour then extending the time to every hour, etc. I have a doggie door installed in the wall of the house so she has 24 hour access to outside to a lovely fenced in yard.

    Lilly doesn't seem to want to go out in the rain, the snow or perhaps without me. there's no set pattern to her behavior. She may go 2 weeks without pottying in the house and them when I least expect it, she eliminates indoors.

    What can I do to fix this problem?

    I've potty trained several other dogs with no problem. Can you help

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    Hi Wendy,

    This sort of problem can be frustrating because it is so intermittent. You feel like you have your dog housebroken and then out of the blue you find an accident! Usually a little digging will uncover the cause of the accident. Some dogs are afraid of loud noises so avoid going outside during thunderstorms or when there is construction nearby. Other dogs don't like to get wet so have accidents when it rains. It's easy to assume that your dog is trained and therefore deserving of corrections for the mistakes. The reality is that most dogs with this problem just need a little more work to discover their issues and find a solution.

    Have you read this page, especially the last section "If Fido Knows How To Go Through the Dog Door, but Doesn't Want To!"? This should help you to deal with any issues with Lilly just not feeling comfortable in the yard. The other suggestion I would make is keeping a log about accidents where you detail the events of the day, including feeding times, exercise times, any changes to routines, etc. Try to find any patterns that show what might be causing the problem. You may find that she has accidents in the middle of the night bc her feeding time changed or that missing a walk results in accident, etc. That will help us to come up with a training plan.

    Please keep us posted so we can work towards a solution together!

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