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    I'm new today and have nowhere else to turn. My french bulldog, Stitch, and I are having issues housebreaking.

    We've had Stitch for about 2 weeks now. My fiancée and I work a 40 hour work week so we're limited to home time. Sometimes our days end up being 12-14 hour days due to after school activities with our daughter and whatnot.

    I've been working on crate training him and it just seems to fail miserably. Relieving himself in is crate has absoultely no effect on him. We get home after 8 hours and he's covered in peeps and poops....ewww. I'm having to give him a bath every-other day. We live in an apartment so there is no way of having a doggie door. I dont know how many times we'll take him out for 20-30 minutes and come back in and he relieves himself.

    I'm running outta ideas here. Neither of us can be home all the time to walk him when he needs to go, but it seems like going in his crate doesnt bother him...*sigh*

    Anxiously awaiting response.......

    Nicole, Jeff and Stitch

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    Hi Nicole,

    Welcome to the forum. Housebreaking issues can be really frustrating- it sounds to me like you and Stitch are having a hard time with this. There are always changes you can make to improve the situation and picking the right training plan can get you back on track quickly. Since you are gone for such long periods of time, I would already tend away from crate training for most dogs- that's just a really long time to be in there without a potty break. Before I tell you to change everything, though, please give me a little more information about Stich- how old is he, how long have you had him, have you had periods of time where he was doing well with his housebreaking, or has it always been a problem? I'll try to check back again soon for your reply and then give you more specific information.


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    Red face

    I've had Stitch for about 3 weeks. He's about 5 months old and has NO training what-so-ever. I think that if we had gotten him sooner then we may not be having such an issue. I thought about doing puppy pads, I did buy some; he ate them, but from what I read, it make it harder to train in the long run.

    Sometimes he can do....ok?....but then it seems to just go right back to where he was when we got him.

    We were gone for the weekend so we had someone watch him. He seems to be doing a bit pooping in the crate and when we let him out he's shaking and goes STRAIGHT to the door. Which is great...this means hes finally letting us know when he needs to go out. But the only problem with this is he does pee in his crate...then scratches it out all over the floor. I'm just afraid that this may be temporary. Please let me know what your suggestions are.



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    Hi Nicole,

    Ok, so, the good news is that Stitch is still young and you should be able to get him back on track. As you suggest, doing an indoor house training program is a bad idea if the long term goal is to get your dog going exclusively outdoors. But, given your long days away from home, you are going to need a plan that allows Stitch at least one potty break in the middle of the day. You do have a few options. You say you are in an apartment, but do you have a small patio where you could set up a potty box and give him access via a doggy door? If not, could you hire a dog walker (or a neighbor) to come in mid-day and take Stitch on a potty break? If neither of these are options, then I would suggest some form of indoor potty training- pads, litter box, sod box- and get Stitch set up with his own area where he always has access to his potty area and the crate door stays open. Using the crate for more than 4 or 5 hours just isn't likely to work for such a young pup. Even some older dogs have trouble holding it for 8-10 hours at a time. It is possible that you could use the indoor potty option just until he gets old enough to hold it for the whole day, but you'll have to wait to see how his control improves as he ages.

    Let me know which option sounds like a possibility for you and make sure to check out the indoor potty training section of the site.

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