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    so my 3 year old dog has had a long and arduous training process...and she is finally trained (we used the crate)- UNLESS we haven't let her out in time- she does not know how to "tell" us that she has to go! Our other dog will whine and run back and forth between the door and us to give a pretty clear message. But she doesn't give ANY sign at all! So we just let her out at regular intervals, but if she has to go in between, she'll just sneak off and do it! Arh!
    Little help?

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    Sometimes you get lucky and your dog will just naturally figure out how to tell you she needs to go potty, but some dogs need to be taught how to give you a signal that it's time.

    Most people either teach the dog to bark to go out or teach the dog to ring a bell to go out... here's an article about the barking training and a thread from the forum where we discuss how to do the bell training.

    I hope this helps!
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