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    Hello, i am having a problem with our 10 week old papitese. He barks and nips at our other dog. This has gone on for 2 weeks since we brought him home. I repeatedly say NO, and move him away. He later goes back and starts again. Sometimes our other dog will growl and swipe back, to no effect.
    Am I too impatient thinking this behavior will stop this soon? It can drive you crazy that little yelping. Any suggestions?


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    This is a very common problem in homes with puppies and older dogs. Puppies seem to have a very hard time understanding why more mature dogs aren't interested in playing with them 24/7. Typically, the approach I take with this is to follow up on the older dog's corrections... if the dog growls or snaps at the puppy (seriously, not playfully), I'll step in and correct the puppy at that time, which serves two purposes... it teaches the puppy that something negative follows the growl so he better clear the area when another dog growls and it keeps your dog from having to follow through on the growl by biting and possibly hurting the puppy. I'm assuming that your older dog is correcting the pup appropriately when the puppy's being a real pain, not just attacking the puppy for no reason, which would be another issue entirely!

    This stuff typically settles down as the pup matures a bit, so that's something to look forward to!

    Since it's hard to give really good advice about this stuff without witnessing it and knowing the dogs, you might want to think about having a trainer help you with the dogs if things don't calm down in a reasonable period of time.
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    thanks becca. the older dog surprisingly just growls and does a face swipe at him after a couple minutes of it. but that little high pitch bark can drive the Pope up a wall. lol he even sometimes will bark into a blanket as though that isn't the same as barking without it.
    i will keep up the vigilance of correcting him and distracting him onto something else.

    Thanks again

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