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    I have a 5 year old wiener dog that has taken a liking to pooping in the house. My sister, her boyfriend and I have recently started renting a house together along with her yellow lab and red heeler. Her dogs are housebroken, but my wiener dog doesn't seem to think the rules apply to her. She will go outside for several minutes then come into the house and go to her usual room and do her business. We show it to her and tell her to go potty outside, take her outside and again tell her potty outside in a friendly voice. What else do I need to do to get her to stop this habit? We feed the dogs twice a day, and when there is no one here she is kept in a crate... Can you help us before we get voted off the island?
    We thank you for your advice!

    Jess and Spooner

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    I posted a brief response about this to your other post, but I'll respond to some of the details you added here...

    First, don't correct her for an accident unless you catch her in the act... it won't help, and it can make things worse by confusing the dog.

    Be sure to read our umbilical cord training article... that method will allow you to supervise her at all times when you're home, which will prevent her from having accidents in the house so we can be sure she gets back into the habit of doing the right thing!

    Taking her for longer walks with potty trips and the beginning and at the end should help, too... some dogs need to exercise a bit to get things moving!

    Let us know how it goes...
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