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    So our 3 month old puppy is wonderful.... except for when we try and take her food away from her to get use to possible nieces and nephews bothering her during feeding time.

    We have tried many things to taking her food away from her and putting her in the submission position. She still growls at us when she is in that position. We have tried to show her that we are eating the food before we give it to her. She has been growling at us for about 2 weeks now. It's not every day, but probably every other day.

    We know that she loves us and she doesn't growl at us any other time like when we take away her toys or tell her no to naughty behavior.

    We are just afraid that she isn't going to get over this and we don't know what to do next! HELP! We don't want her to bite anyone or us when we get to close to her at feeding time.

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    For aggression issues, you really need to consult with a trainer who can see your puppy in person. I'd recommend talking to your vet to get a referral to a trainer that's experienced with aggression issues and stop trying to work on the problem on your own... these issues can be made worse if handled improperly.

    Sorry I can't be of more help, but some problems can't be resolved with online advice!

    Please update us on how it goes!
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