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Thread: We rescued a puppy mill beagle now we need to be rescued ...housebreaking is heartbre

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    Question We rescued a puppy mill beagle now we need to be rescued ...housebreaking is heartbre

    Our rescued beagle is 8-11to years old. She came to us with manageable health concerns now mostly resolved.
    We crate her and have her on a very comfortable schedule.
    Naturally she is so grateful.
    Even with diligent trips to 'do her business ' she can not be trusted to not forget her manners.
    We have been working at this for three weeks with no hit of her 'getting it'.
    We have three other dogs with good manners...2 labs and a beagle. They are very happy all together.
    We don't want this sweet little dog to live the rest of her days in a confined area...
    What thoughts and suggestions might you offer.

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    How great that you adopted an older dog... I love it!!

    In terms of a rescue dog getting used to a new home, three weeks isn't a very long time, so don't panic! With a new dog, I'd expect to need to confine her when she's alone or unsupervised for maybe a couple of months before starting to allow her more freedom. When the time comes to start teaching her to have unsupervised time in the house, I'd do it very methodically... start out with 10 or 15 minutes of unsupervised time AFTER she's peed and pooped outside, then gradually build up from there.

    Patience is the name of the game here, so hang in there and remember not to allow her ANY unsupervised time in the house in the beginning so she can't get into the habit of having accidents and thinking indoors is an option for relieving herself!!

    Keep me updated on how she's doing...
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