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    I am trying to train my puppy to sleep through the night. I have set time schedules for him to wake at regular intervals. He seems to wake at the second interval and not sleep for an hour or so and just whine and bark. Before the intervals were introduced to his sleeping he slept through the night except when he needed to pee and he would whine a little and wake me.

    How do I get him to continue to go back to sleep after each potty break? He has been going to bed between nine thirty and ten. This is the third day of sleep training.


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    I'd recommend that you pay close attention to what's happening before bedtime... be sure you're not giving food or water for 3 hours before bedtime (with your vet's approval, of course!), don't allow napping in the evening and make sure your pup gets plenty of playtime and exercise in the evening.

    When you take him out at night, be sure it's a quick, strictly business potty trip... no talking, no playing, no excitement. That makes it a lot easier to get the pup to go back to sleep when you put him back in his crate.

    You might also find it helpful to cover his crate with a towel or blanket (leaving some uncovered areas for air flow) and have a white noise machine or loud fan going... both of these things can help to get him to go back to sleep.

    If you try all of that and it doesn't help, you can either try doing one potty trip instead of two if the second one just gets him worked up or you can implement some of the methods in our article about dogs who bark in their crates.

    Hope you're getting a good night's sleep soon!!
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