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    I'm the owner of a 1 year and 3 months toy poodle mix named Higo. We rescued him about 7 months ago. Higo is a great dog and so far has trained easily. He is trained to go outdoors and it is very rare for him to have an accident indoors. We are starting indoor potty training today using what I found on this website, but am concerned about how long he should go before I give in and take him outside. I don't want to harm my baby, but I am starting a new career soon and need him to know to go indoors on a pee-pad. He is such a good boy, and I want to make sure I don't hurt him in anyway, and that I'm a good owner. Any advice is greatly appreciated!


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    Hi, Ceci!

    I'd say the best, least stressful way to help your dog make the transition from outdoor to indoor training would be to use a sod pad (real grass) as the first step of the indoor training, as opposed to using potty pads or paper. With dogs that are well-trained to go outside, having the familiar surface of the grass in the indoor potty area can help them to make the connection a lot more quickly. Once he has the idea, you can switch to fake grass or potty pads.

    When you decide to start his indoor training, it should be done at a time when you can spend a couple of full days on the project... you don't want to try to get him to use the pads a few times, then take him outside, or you're reinforcing his idea that he has to wait to get outside, no matter how long it takes. For well-housebroken dogs, this process can be tough, because they'll really try to avoid going inside until they're absolutely desperate to go, so it can take longer than you'd think!

    Just be sure to supervise him very carefully during the process to be sure his only chance to potty is in his indoor potty zone... be sure he doesn't have the opportunity to make a mistake in the wrong area of the house!

    Good luck... let me know how it goes!
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