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Thread: Missing the potty area

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    Question Missing the potty area

    My Max, a 6 month old miniatured dachshund has been doing great with the indoor potty training thanks to your guidelines and help. However, this past week we've developed a new problem. I have a potty tray set up and Max will always go to his potty tray, but 50% of the time, he'll only put his front paws on the tray and ends up missing the tray completely.

    Any tips on how i can get him to completely stand on the tray? I purchased a larger tray thinking he might have out grown his original tray, but it didn't help. I also tried a tray that had a lip, hoping it would encourage him to step into it, but again it didn't help. Is it better to have a tray with or without a lip? I've also tried laying some paper or a potty pad beneath the tray, but he tears this up.

    Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Forgot to mention that if I try to watch him he runs to me and doesn't do his business so it's been difficult to coax him on to the tray when he needs to go.

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    Most likely, a tray with a higher edge that would cause him to choose IN or OUT would do the trick, since he's clearly making the effort to get on the tray. If he lifts his leg to pee, you might also try putting a vertical peeing surface far inside the tray for him... if he likes lifting his leg on an upright surface, it'll make it worth the trip all the way onto the tray. You can either buy something (there's a scented fire hydrant or a "potty rock" that you can easily find online) or just make something... a water bottle glued to a piece of wood (for stability) works just fine in most cases.

    The only advantage of buying vs. making is that the commercial products have a scent attractant that will make your pup want to go potty on them, so it might be worth it if you think the scent would help him.

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